Rejected by Foodgawker


Last week, I submitted two photos on Foodgawker and 12 hours later, both my pictures were rejected by Foodgawker.


Rejected by foodgawker


I was so upset and disappointed and told myself that I must be such a bad photographer that they refused to “feature” my foodgraphy. It left my baby ego very bruised. For those of you who have never heard of Foodgawker, it is a site of unbelievably delicious looking food with links to the recipes. It is basically food porn. I know I am still very new with photography, but I did submit my good looking pictures. Obviously Foodgawker didn’t share my sentiments.

I decided to pay my favourite Uncle Google a visit and after doing some research, I found out that a lot of experienced bloggers too faced a lot of rejection from Foodgawker. Check out this site and you will get what I mean. There is this one particular blogger who even had forty-three of her pictures rejected. Gasp! That is not very nice of you Foodgawker. 

Come to think of it, the people at Foodgawker go through thousands of food pictures everyday and most probably, at times, they didn’t  even give the pictures the full attention that it deserved. In-fact I believe I am trying to believe that they went through my pictures right after lunch. You know when you are so full, nothing looks appetizing any more?

I mean HOW can you reject this photo?  

American Banana Almond Bread

American Banana Almond Bread

This is such a pretty pretty cake. Well all mothers find their babies beautiful anyways and even those kids that deliberately spilt tomato ketchup on your new white sheepskin rug from New Zealand. Not that it happened with me. Just saying.

So after I was over all the disappointment, I decided to submit 1 more picture and told myself to take things easy and I did just that, not.

The next day, I was out and while in the car, I was on my phone, checking out my blog and the stats. (I wasn’t the 1 driving) Somehow being in the car and checking blog stats in one sentence just doesn’t sound right. Could I be suffering from some psycho blogger tendencies? Then I noticed that I got some traffic from Foodgawker and I was thinking how do I get traffic from there when they did not even feature any of my pictures? I went to Foodgawker and saw that they accepted the latest picture that I submitted. Believe it or not, I teared. Psycho blogger status confirmed.

Check out as to who finally got a feature.


Our very own Miss Cranberry Scones!! The sconey girl is happy. Hip hip hurray!! This is a yummy recipe people. Do give her a try. Me is happy. Ah the little moments in life that makes you wanna dance, while twirling your skirt! This is the first baby step though, there are still many more photos and recipes to go. 🙂 


PS: For those of you who have been rejected by Foodgawker, don’t give up ok? Foodgawker should never be your benchmark. Keep going and it is a matter of time and snapping more pictures before you get accepted. Foodgawker does help in increasing traffic to your blog and it is worth it.


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  1. Doji says:

    Congratulations Maya ! More success to you !! I can see it coming. 😀

  2. pargi says:

    Maya Congratulation. I hope you keep the way you working. best wishes for your blog growth.

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