Round the World Cookies

These were made  for a cousin who just gave birth. Made 2 types of cookies for her to serve to her guests. This is an old recipe that mom used


Mexican Buns

I bought a packet of bread flour and bread improver last month. Been wanting to make breads. Actually i wanted to buy a bread-maker but i ended up buying some


Cream Cheese Loaf

Yesterday was a lazie2 day! I spent most of yesterday, reading away. I finished reading a novel of abt 600 pages. I’m AMAZED tht I could do it! *grins* I

Happy Birthday

To 1 of E Best Brother In E World…..

A Brother is forever, a bond that never diminishes. Few ties are as deep, profound, and with so much affection abound… Though some thoughts are seldom expressed, love and care


Mandarin Orange Cupcakes

I bought E above book abt 3 months ago, however I only tried 1 of E recipe. E tag line of E book was “The Only Cupcake Compendium You’ll Ever

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