Love Letter Toast


The dream – To create a full 6-course dinner with desserts on Valentine’s Day

Reality – After work, all you are capable of is to order a pizza or dine out.

Has this ever happened to you? You do not have time for all the frills on Valentine’s Day yet you want 14th of February to be slightly special?

What about breakfast in bed? (Almost) everyone loves breakfast in bed. My mom not included. She says it messes the bedsheet.

If you are rushed for time, what about some toast for breakfast on Valentine’s Day?

Too ordinary?

But what it the toast comes in the shape of a love letter? With a heart shaped butter by the side?

Love Letter Toast

So basically you get two pieces of bread and cut one piece into a square and the other into a triangle. You can toast the bread prior to assembling it.

Love Letter Toast

Place the triangle piece of bread over the square piece.

Love Letter Toast

Place a little heart shaped sprinkle on the edge of the “love letter”.

Love Letter Toast

I served the Love Letter Toast with a heart shaped butter. I just used a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut a heart out from the butter. You can also cut heart shaped cheese. In-fact you can serve the toast with a heart shaped sunny side up. Just place a heart shaped metal ring on the frying pan and crack the egg into the mould.

This might be a simple breakfast, but there is always beauty in simplicity. Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than this plate right here. ⇓

Love Letter Toast

It is not just about the gifts, it’s the thoughts and feelings that really count. Have fun on valentine’s day people! –  Xoxo

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