The wows and the awws….


I wanted to do an EID post few weeks back. I composed it halfway and never get down to finishing it. It is too late to wish my Muslim readers now, but I guess I can wish you next month instead? 😛 Its just crazy, Hari Raya Puasa just left us and we have another 1 coming up next month? If time isn’t flying, I don’t know wat is. Anyways, I  have been busy busy busy. From the preparations for Eid and the wedding cakes for my cousin’s wedding. Anyways more about the cakes in a later entry.

So it started with 10 days of baking during Ramadan. 120 bottles of cookies. Some are orders but most of these bottles belong to my brothers and dear ones.

Anyways, this is gonna be a quick post. The pictures shall do most of the talking.

Eid goodies…

Too Many cookies in the jar



Home made pineapple tarts, right from the filling.

cookie Jar



A few new things, gives the house a refreshing change…

During Eid, most people would serve either lontong or briyani, so I always try to give something different to our guests. We had  hummus, butter chicken, raita and guests get to d-i-y their own kebab rolls using tortillas this year round. These  were a hit with the guests. I guess it was indeed a refreshing change.


 During the second open house, we made chicken curry and Kacang Ful, served with baguette.


Assorted cupcakes. Oreo, chocolate and strawberry.

Kek Tapak kuda (nutella horse-shoe cake) and pear and blueberry cupcakes.
My first attempt with the Nutella horse-shoe cake but all 6 rolls were finished on that day. Can’t be bad I guess?

And Eid would not be complete without Mom’s almond milk. We are talking about real almonds here. Raw almonds blanched, de-skinned and then grounded into powder. Almond essence is a huge NO.

The guests….

There were at least 70. But I was pretty much engaged in doing a couple of things here and there, thus the lack of pictures.  🙂


Make everyone pose with their food. When you are the cook, they have to oblige somehow. 😛

Then make them pose some more. This time, at their chosen spot. Most of them chose to pose at the curtains. :p


And there is always this 1 picture that make you go… wow or aww. This year, I went aww and wow while uploading the pictures.


My favourite cousin looking all gorgeous!! Proud moment for the photographer. :p


I love little girls, especially those in a frock with ribbons in their hair. but this boy cuteness would offer stiff competition even next to a girl in pink tutu and curly hair! He is uber cute and charming!


Yup. That was EID 2013. 🙂


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