Themed Brownies




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  1. Girl Foodie says:

    These are so cute! The work is so detailed, I can’t imagine the amount of time that must have taken!

  2. Maya Yunos says:

    About 4 hours compared to 8 hrs intially! :p

  3. Ada says:

    I like these cakes. Sweets for sweets. Many greetings from Germany.

  4. btw, how did you get your blog to look like that? I have been trying to figure out how to create a middle section like yours but I cant.

  5. wow!!! that is awesome!!!!!

  6. Amy says:

    I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!

  7. Icy says:

    wowo, your cakes are awesome 😉

  8. Maya Yunos says:

    Laura- Thank u! Sure I’ll 🙂

    Alicia – Thank u Alicia. E lady look all right I guess.E eyes looked a little weird though! lol

    Icy- Thanks a lot! 😀

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