Raspberry Ice <3

    When was the last time I actually sat down and did a proper blog post? I really can’t remember *shrug* I have officially moved to PAsirRIS. Everything have been spinning so fast since the past 2 months. Eid? Not much pictures to show, nothing to share. period.
    Initially, I felt like a pancake on the road, run over by life’s madness. Hmm…talking about pancakes, it has been so long since I made pancakes. *side track* Anyhoo, despite the initial madness, the “trying to adapt period”, things are settling back into a routine around here. I have a bigger kitchenette here! Oh….I have a new toy too!!  Heels over head in love with it!
Everyone, please meet my limited edition Kitchen Aid, Raspberry Ice
It’s gorgeous!!


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  1. Eve says:

    Good to read you again. Do keep writing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    tell me more tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

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