I am in love!



Yes I am in really in love!

I am in love !

He is sleek…




Gives me a firm grip….

And rotates 360 degrees.

Yup, he is that flexible.

Presenting my new found love!


Drum rolls please…..
1 more time….


Isn’t he gorgeous??!! 😀  Yes2, I finally bought a DSLR. Like finally. I have been wanting 1 for donkey years! It’s a dream come true. 🙂 

The 1st picture that I snapped.

Although this pic is better than those from my point and shoot camera, I was still not satisfied with the picture quality. It isn’t crisp” enough. Went through a lot of tutorials. Google has been my best friend ever since. Words like aperture, focal length, shutter speed frequently made their way to google’s search box. I am kinda getting the hang of it but there is still so much to learn!  I really didn’t expect this…I mean I thought it was gonna be a walk in the park. I presumed I would know how to use it the moment I opened the box. Boy i was so wrong. I had to depend on auto settings. You do need to know at least some of the technical details about your camera and how to use it to shoot manual. No point spending thousands on a  DSLR and not being able to use it properly. At least that is what I believe in.

More pics…. loving the vast difference in my photos now. I had always dreamt of snapping such pictures. Yes, ALWAYS.



Look at the above photos and tell me, how on earth am I ever going back to my point and shoot Cybershot? DSLRs are awesome. DSLRs make my food look good and it is important that food bloggers have pretty pictures on my blog. People tend to feast with their eyes first. If the food is appetizing, people do tend to gravitate towards the recipe.

I am still learning but I am loving EVERY moment of it. For the past 1 month, I have been dedicating more time in improving my photography skills. I love to blog and I think beside a good recipe, a delicious looking photo is also a way of communicating with your readers. 🙂


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