Eid 2009 memories…


This year I didn’t get to snap a lot of pictures…but what’s new right?

Anyways, my mom is super creative. She can make nice vases from mineral water bottles! She’s very good with floral arrangement too. This year, I tried my hands with floral arrangement too. It turned out quite nice I guess. At least that’s what everyone said n I believed ’em!!

It’s a MUST for mom that our corridor should be adorned with fairy lights. It’s a yearly routine. My brothers would help me to hang the lights as I instruct them as to where they should hang the lights! After breaking the fast, we would then on the lights and as usual the little ones and my sister in laws would go wow and I try to claim as much credit as possible since I was the “designer”. Every year our lights would always be the brightest and prettiest! My eldest brother always joked that “you have the best lights…none of those in these blocks can beat yours. I’m sure they cant beat your electricity bills too!!” LOL!

The young ones

This blog is all about food so here it goes


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