To 1 of E Best Brother In E World…..


A Brother is forever, a bond that never diminishes. Few ties are as deep, profound, and with so much affection abound…
Though some thoughts are seldom expressed, love and care endures it all!

Today, 4th March…a special person was born. A very special human being….a special brother and a special son.

He’s 1 of the best brother a sister could ever have. It wasn’t because of the things he bought for me. It’s not just how he used to go round the kitchen and decided that the stove and fridge were getting old and purchase new ones for us….or the many many other things that he bought for me and mom….nor was it just because of the E HP desktop that he bought for me when I was gonna pursue a diploma in CS. It wasn’t just E material stuffs.

It was how he gonna be here within E next hour if Mom was sick…
It was how he call up and “disturb” me every other day…(Something which I enjoy!)
It’s how he get on my nerves to show his affections…
It was how he called/sms’ed us when he were in Aus to inform as to how things were going on and coming back to a gigantic bill from Singtel! And yeah, the baking stuffs that he painstakingly tried to find for me!
And not to forget, how he carried the heavy microwave all the way back from Harvey Norman for me, while I just had a little bag in hand!
MOST importantly, It was how he took over the duty as a father after our father’s death. How he became the perfect brother to us, 3 of his younger siblings…
It was how he always cared for mom, always being the good son. Tahir, dad must be so proud of you! Guess he only left coz he knew, we would be in able hands.

You’re Really A Special Brother!
A message from my heart,I don’t always tell you…
Thank you for all that you did for us… THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the love, the care, the sacrifices and so much more!
We love you more than you know! Only Allah can repay your kindness ~ From the deepest of our hearts.


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  1. Norli says:

    Tersentuh aku engkau ckp gini sey. Hapi bdae untuk abng kau juga. Sampaikan taw!

  2. Maya says:

    Hehehe. Thanks babe 🙂

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