I’m a year older, another year wiser…hopefully!


I am pretty amazed that, I somehow managed to do a blog post every now and then. That is the thing about blogging, if you wanna blog, do it . Procrastinate and whatever you planned would not see the light. I guess once you start doing something regularly, you just get into the momentum.

Yet another year is passing by. It is scary to see how time just flies… on hindsight.
It definitely does not “fly” all the time though. When I am stuck in the daily grind, time tend to pause. When I am trading with red positions,  it feel as if I have to wait for an eternity, just to see the greens aka profits or a break even. Yes, in trading reds = loss and greens =  profits. I was never a fan of red and now, I have more reasons to dislike it. :p

Anyways, It was my birthday last week. I feel so old!! Let’s not discuss age right now. Please shift your focus on my birthday cakeS. I had 3 birthday cakes this year and all were SUPERB!!!

From left: Coco Exotic from the family, Strawberry cheesy ice cream cake from my buddy and Passion Fruit Meringue from my beloved cousins.

All the cakes were gorgeous and delicious! Thank you guys!

Cousins came over on my birthday with lots of food and gifts. Macarons, babydonuts, famous amos cookies, garrett popcorn and more.

Managed to snap pictures of some of the gifts…

Paella Pan, cupcake decorating kit, necklace, Victoria’s Secret bag and mists, Jamie oliver’s Xmas edition and lots more. And how can I forget a 1 year subscription for Food Network Magazine!! Some cash from my family and Tm too.

Oh ya, we went for a picnic cum bbq too. It was pretty fun till it rained..and then it was


It is the time of the year that the sky literally pours and pours, thus my brothers were prepared.
They fixed a tentage the moment they arrived, thus we could still bbq although it was raining. I could sense that people were looking at us with envy, coz we were happily eating away when everyone else could not even start a fire. :p I was totally drenched in the rain and that made it even more fun! Mom kept telling me that no one would give me a ride in their cars coz I was so wet. That didn’t stop me. I told her, if no1 wanna send me home, I shall hail a cab! But of coz, my cousins are the sweetest, Dijah sent me home and she even got me a towel so that I could dry myself. 🙂

So back to the picnic. I threw half a glass of water at my eldest brother after he did the same to me. Seconds later, he was holding a pail of water and was gesturing that he wants to pour it on me! I knew he was just joking but my 3rd brother and his best friend were literally rooting for him and encouraging him to go for it and he did just that! Eventually, I was drenched x 2. I pretended to be upset.  Truth is, I enjoyed every bit of it. These shall be preserved in an album that is stored in my heart. These are the little things that I know, I would remember by as I grow older. The gifts might no longer be around then, but the memories remain.

I have been blessed with the best of family. Each of us have our own shortcomings, but to err is human and to forgive, divine.  Things might get a bit rough at times, but when we are united as a family….it somehow make things a little easier. Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.  I know that even if I have to walk barefooted 1 day, my family would always be with me. 🙂

Ps: Dear shaf, dijah, riya and izzy. Thank you for always making me feel extra special on my b’day. 🙂


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  1. Tina says:

    Happy Birthday dear. I am a big fan of your blog. Keep it going!

  2. Happy belated birthday my dear sister! IMY~ wanted to sms u but i dont have yr no.. huhu. Take care! xoxo

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